At Lucky 7 Bail Bonds, our dedicated team holds the key to your timely release from jail. We understand that being in such a situation can be incredibly stressful and burdensome, which is why we offer professional and discreet service to ensure your peace of mind. Our goal is to provide you with an affordable bail bond that suits your needs during this challenging time. Additionally, if you are searching for a loved one, we also provide comprehensive information about local jails in the surrounding areas. Trust us to be there for you when you need us the most.

We offer service to defendants who are having to serve time in any of the facilities below:

  • Cabarets County Jail
  • Gaston County Jail
  • Mecklenburg County Jail
  • Rowan County Jail
  • Catawba County Jail
  • Statesville County Jail
  • Davie County Detention Center

Securing bail bonds promptly can be a lifesaver during an overwhelming time. Getting the services of a dependable and trustworthy bond company can make the bail process smoother. Lucky 7 Bail Bonds ensures that their clients get prompt, reliable, and affordable services when they need it the most.